Hello friends, welcome, today I want to share another game tips and tricks for you. This time, I will talk about the game Zombie Age 3. Do you know that game? Or maybe you’re currently playing it right now. If you want to know how to survive the horde of zombies, you definitely must read my Zombie Age 3 Tips and Tricks. Playing this game without proper strategy will only end up you being eaten alive by those walking dead. It takes strategy and skills to stay alive. Learn all the things you need to know to survive below.

Zombie Age 3 Tips and Tricks To Survive

Zombie Age 3 Gameplay

1. Stay Calm

Like everyone would say, you need to stay calm even in the situation full of zombies. If you start to panic, you cannot get focus and you will be overwhelmed and eaten by zombies fast! So, you need to keep calm to stay focus shooting the monsters.

2. Save Ammo

Ammunition is your best friend. It’s the thing that determines between alive or dead. Shoot the zombies only if you are in line with them. Never shoot over anything because it will only waste your precious bullet. So, save your ammo, you WILL need it.

3. Melee Attack

Let’s just say you’re running out of bullets because you keep shooting randomly and your stock is also empty. All you can do after all of that is to kill the zombies with a melee attack. You’re lucky that each character in the game is equipped with one melee weapon. So, every time you are running out of ammunition, don’t forget to use your melee attack.

4. Weapons

A good weapon arrangement is a key to victory. You can carry up to three weapons for each character. Choose only the suitable weapon for each mission. Getting best weapon may be hard for sometimes, and for that, I recommend you to use Zombie Age 3 hack tool. It’s the easy way getting Money to purchase the best weapons available on the store.

So, those are all the Zombie Age 3 tips and trick that I can share with you. Remember, the most important of all is to stay calm even if you’re in a really dangerous situation. Keep focus and shoot straight to the zombies and you can survive the stage.


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