Some of us love to play games about adventure, racing, and puzzle. But there are some of us who love everything about death and destruction. There are not many mobile games that offer death, destruction, and fun at the same time besides Doomsday Clicker. This game was developed by PikPok, the developer responsible for an addicting game like Into The Dead. All the games from this dev are very unique in their own way. And there are also many unique things about Doomsday Clicker here that I want to share with you.

I love playing this game. I’ve been playing for about six months now and I have unlocked many areas to be destroyed. So, let’s now talking about the goodness of this game.

All The Unique Things About Doomsday Clicker

Doomsday Clicker Gameplay

1. It’s a Click and Wait Game

This game is so simple, all you had to do is just click some buttons and you wait for them to make you some huge cash! You need to build a shelter for the surviving humans and you can charge them money for that. You need to click the room so you can increase the cash you get. After that, you have just to wait around for the money.

2. Destroy The World With a Push of a Button

The main theme of this game is destroying the world. And to do that you need to push the big red button. The destruction of the world can be caused by many things. From alien invasion, time-traveling robot invasion, sun radiation, and pretty much more.

3. You Can Collect Aliens

One very unique things in this game are that you can collect aliens from the moons to your room. The more you collect them, the more value you can get out of your room. But to collect them, you need Gold. And Gold is the most precious thing in this game. If you need it, the easiest way to get Gold is by using Doomsday Clicker Hack tool that scattered around the internet.

4. Many Cities To Unlock

At the early game, you only stick with one town to destroy. But as you keep progressing, you can unlock more of it. And the more you unlock, the more you can destroy with the big red button.

So, those are the unique things about Doomsday Clicker game. Like I said, games from PikPok is quite unique in their own way. Until now, I can’t stop playing the game. I keep playing over and over again.


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