Are you having a passion for playing racing games on your Android device but it’s just not capable any longer because it’s old? Well, my friends, don’t let yourself down because there are some of the best racing games for low-end Android out there for you. I know that maybe some of you currently have an old smartphone which can’t handle today’s racing games. But, there are games that are quite light enough for old devices. What are those games? See all the list below.

Three Best Racing Games For Low-end Android Devices

1. Asphalt Nitro

Asphalt Nitro

The best Asphalt 8 Airborne may have so much lag on your phone. But try this Asphalt Nitro, the size of this game only about 35mb. I must admit that the graphics in this game is really good for such small sizes. With the simple graphics and small 35mb size in your storage, making this game will run smoothly even on the old device of yours. Try them now, it’s free on Play Store.

2. City Racing Lite

City Racing Lite

Just as the title says, City Racing Lite is the lightweight version of the same game. The reason there’s the lite version of this game so that you can still play this game on a low-end smartphone. In this awesomely small sized games, you can race together with your friends with LAN connection. That’s awesome isn’t? A 27mb racing game but you can still play multiplayer with your friends. This is a must try!

3. Fast Racing 3D

Fast Racing 3D

When I have my first android couple years ago, this is my favorite racing game. Why? Because it’s small enough and very smooth in the performance. I can’t get happier than playing this because with simple graphics but the awesome gameplay, making this game, I think the best of all. This game is an offline game and there are lots of cars you can drive with. One thing that I would suggest when you’re playing this is to use Fast Racing 3D hack tool to get enough Coins to buy all the exotic cars and add them to your garage. All in all, this game is the one that I really recommend as the best racing games for old Android.


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