Are you craving for a game where you can outrun cops while driving in a car like a crazy person? Well, there’s one game that suits you very well and that is Smashy Road. It’s an amazing free game which the graphics looked similar like the game Crossy Road. Well, in this Smashy Road game review, I will give you all the details about the game and why I really recommend this game as your time killer when you’re bored. So, let’s get all to the review below.

Smashy Road Game Review

Smashy Road Gameplay

The Good

Smashy Road is a free game which you can download and play from Google Play Store or App Store if you play in iOS platform. This game is an offline game which that is good for some people who don’t want to waste their precious internet data.

Another good thing about this game is that the graphics are really unique and it is pretty easy to handle by low-end smartphones. That’s one of the reasons why so many people playing this game. It’s free and it’s light enough to run on old devices.

The Bad

Now here comes the bad thing of the game. One of the thing that is bad in this game is that the control is really weird and hard. When you crash your car into a building, the controls sometimes hard and not responsible.

Another bad thing is that getting Cash is very hard. Cash is the currency used in the game to buy unique cars to drive around. Nevertheless, I want to tell you a secret. If you want to get Cash easily, you can look for Smashy Road hack tool on the internet. With such tool, you can get Cash as easy as flipping your hands.

The Verdict

Well, I would score this game as 8/10 because it’s unique gameplay and graphics. Although there’s a little bit problems with the controls and how the currency works, those are paid off with the amazing gameplay its offer.


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