Hey, hello again friends. How are you today? I hope everything is fine and you still gaming with proper. Today, I want to share something about a new phenomenal game called Narcos Cartel Wars. Do you know anything about the game? Or do you have played it? Well, if you have played it or haven’t today I will tell you about all the Narcos Cartel Wars Tips and Tricks that you might haven’t known yet. So, if you’re interested about this, keep reading guys.

For the record, I have played this game for about a year and a half. At the first time I played this game, I thought this game is going to bore me, but on the other hand, it isn’t. This game really blew me away with its amazing gameplay content. This is a strategy game that similar with lots of today’s games. Like any other strategy games, you need a cunning skill to outsmart your opponents. I have some few Tips for Narcos Cartel Wars here that I will show you below. Let’s learn together.

Narcos Cartel Wars Tips and Tricks

Narcos Cartel Wars Game

1. It’s a Strategy Game!

Like we all have known how strategy game works, it works great if we used tricky plan. Trick you’re based into a unique defensive form to avoid being easily attacked by other players. Put your defensive structures near the vital resources building to make sure its safety. Once you do all that, don’t forget to upgrade them all so you can stay competitive.

2. It’s a Grinding Game

Never forget the basic thing of every mobile game nowadays, it’s the same grinding game for everything. In Narcos Cartel Wars, you will always need Gold and Cash. Cash is rather easier to get but the Gold is a whole new story. The game is all about grinding to have lots of Gold in the inventory to upgrade all the necessary things in your base. Most importantly you need Gold to hire some good Sicario and upgrade them all to a high level. A great Sicario is very important to determine your victory in raiding another player’s base.

There are some tips to earn Gold. You can finish some daily quest, doing achievements, or you can simply buy it with real money you have. You can straightly buy the Gold through the microtransaction system. Or better yet, I have secret tricks for you to get some Gold. You can use some of the Narcos Cartel Wars Hack Tool that is spread out on the internet. It’s an easy and fast way to collect some shiny Gold.

3. Play Smart!

Never rush the base, it’s a mistake that will make you lose the battle. A smart player is going to plan carefully and choose the enemy’s base to attack. Don’t just attack directly to the base, you need to observe the strength and the weakness of a base. So, the next time you want to attack, you need to observe, plan, and then execute it perfectly.


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