Did you know that there is an easy way to collect Diamonds for this game? Well, today we will give to you our secret tool. Use the Magic Rush Hack tool from us and you can generate as many Diamonds as you want. Isn’t that a great news? All the Diamonds you ever need are all for you without ever spending real cash to the game. We know that a game with the currency system like this could kill a casual player. So we decided to build this tool to help you overcome the problem.

We have a team of hackers that work day and night to finish building this hack. You ought to know that there are thousands of tools out there on the internet. All of them promise you to get the Diamonds, but the truth is that you only got a virus to your phone and you need to do a ridiculous survey. Nevertheless, ours is free from any of that annoying thing such as survey or human verification. The hack tool is real and working beautifully 100%. If you can’t believe it, you can see the image below where many people have already used it. See below for the image of proof. Magic Rush Generator Proof

So there, we give you the real and legit proof of our Magic Rush generator. We took captured the image above straight from the official site. We don’t edit the image with anything at all, it’s still fully original. And you can see there a lot of people testifying their satisfactions after they used the generator and get the Magic Rush free Diamonds to their account. They were very happy for the Diamonds on their account.

Of course, they are happy because we are not giving them any false hope. We are giving them the real and working generator tool to them. In Magic Rush game, if you want to dominate the gameplay you need all the great heroes on your deck. But all the great heroes are locked behind in-app purchases. And you need to purchase them with Diamonds, that is the irritating part of this game. To get Diamond is not an easy job, it is a rare thing to get. You can only get it by buying with real cash. But today, as promised, we give you diamonds hack to your Magic Rush account. Used the tool to generate as many Diamonds as you wish to your account. It’s all completely free. If you need a tutorial on how to use it, read the following information below.

The Problem

Diamonds is really important of playing Magic Rush, without that one, you can’t beat your opponent. It makes many players feel annoyed because if they don’t spend their money. They got nothing while playing this game. No more joy anymore. Since players are looking for Magic Rush diamonds hack it creates curiosity among them that is why we provide it here.

Magic Rush Hack Tool Features

  • No more ad or annoying survey
  • This amazing generator tool is free to use for you and for everyone who plays this game and need the Diamonds.
  • Totally secured: Our team of hackers has built this tool with a high-level security system that avoids your account getting banned.
  • Built in a phyton technology system. We can ensure the success rate 10000%. We guarantee it!
  • 100% antivirus: The tool is so great that it is free from any kinds of viruses that might damage your device.
  • Say goodbye to malware. Don’t believe us? Turn on your malware protection right now! Then see what would happen.

And below we will show you the instruction about how to get the Diamonds.

How To Get Magic Rush Free Diamonds

  1. Firstly, you have to click on the link button below.
  2. Then, on the website, click “Start Now”.
  3. After that, enter your email/username of your game account.
  4. Then, select the packages of Diamonds that you require in your game.
  5. Click “Connect” to start generating the Diamonds.
  6. Please wait for a few seconds while our bot connecting to the game server.
  7. Once it is done loading and generating, click “OK” and continue.
  8. Check your game account.
  9. Enjoy all the free Diamonds friends!
  10. Don’t forget to click the share and likes button 🙂

How Our Magic Rush Generator Works

If you want to know the little secret of how our generator works, we will show you here. The first thing you need to know about this generator is that there isn’t much secret at all. We built it based on million algorithm codes. We use it because everything that is inside the game is basically a string of algorithm codes. When you want to use the hack tool, you were asked for your email/username of your game account, right? With that piece of information, our tool is entering the game server.

Once it is entered the server, the codes of ours start to find the value for the Diamonds and manipulate it. Once the value is re-coded, it is sent to your game account. And all that happens within a seconds after you click the “connect” button from the Magic Rush hack tool site. That is almost an instant process. As we said that the generator tool from us is the best one available on the internet. So, all you have to do is just use it and get the free Diamonds.

In-App Purchase VS This Hack

This game is an RTS game, so it is all about strategy and the perfect deck of heroes. Great heroes could be collected either by leveling it up or you could buy a great one straightly from the game store. But you will need a lot of Diamonds to upgrade your heroes or buy ones. And the easy way to get Diamond is by buying it with a credit card through the microtransaction system. There is a great solution for you today. We Recommend you to get free Magic Rush diamonds here.

Why should you use it? It’s because, with our hack tool, you can get all the Diamonds you want without even do any kinds of payments. We are not asking for your money in any way. We just love to help you all people. So, what are you waiting for now? You can use the Magic Rush hack tool right away. Oh, and don’t forget to hit the likes and share button okay.


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