There are tons of Android games on Play Store, every game offers you different gameplay experience. And among the thousands of games, Tap Titans introduce you to a whole new gaming experience. Do you play this game? Or have you played it buy you don’t know how and don’t understand it? Don’t worry, you’re lucky because today I can show you how to play Tap Titans.

When I first played the game a few months ago, I had a confusion playing the game too. And by the time I play, I’m getting a grip on it. What are the things that you need to know regarding this clicker game? Let’s find out below.

How To Play Tap Titans

Tap Titans Gameplay

1. It’s a Clicker Game

The basic need to know about Tap Titans, it’s a clicker game. Your task is to click each time a monster appear on the screen. You need to tap your screen as fast as you can if you want to kill the Titan fast.

2. The Hero

when you tap the screen, the hero will attack it with its blade. He is the main character in this game. You need to upgrade him all the time to keep up with the monster that is always getting stronger each time you kill it.

3. Other Support Hero

Besides the main hero, you can unlock other supporting heroes to give you aid in defeating the monsters. And they’re too can be upgraded and you must upgrade them if you want to see their effectiveness keeps growing.

4. Coins and Diamonds

To upgrade or unlock new heroes to help you, you can use Coins. It’s the currency used in the game to buy stuff. But besides that, there’s Diamonds, the premium currency of the game. Use it to buy the great stuff to greatly boost your heroes. And you can also buy fancy items that make your main hero looks cool than others. You can get Diamond by buying it with real cash or you can use Tap Titans Hack tool which you can find on the internet out there.


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