Have you played the phenomenal game about being an egg business man? Well, you should try this Egg Inc game. This game will show you everything about how to make your own egg business. This game is free to play, you can download and play it for free from Play Store or App Store.

You begin your egg farm with a small hen house. As you keep progressing through every level, you can upgrade every aspect of your farms like the silo, hen house, and the research lab. What makes this game interesting is that you can do research to fasten everything and add more value to the eggs you breed. That is the short thing you can know about the game, but let’s take a deep review to it shall we?

Egg Inc Game Review, The Good and The Bad

Egg Inc

The Good

Well, as I already showed to all of you about the fun aspects of the game above. In this game, you can learn how to be a successful egg farmer in the world and make a huge money from the farm. As you keep progressing you can breed many kinds of eggs, and each different eggs has its own great value. Overall, you can do so many fun things with this game and make a huge fortune.

The Bad

This game is almost a perfect game, unless for its obvious currency system. In Egg Inc, you use a Golden Egg as the exclusive currency to upgrade your egg farm necessities like the health of the chicken, the hen house and the quality of the eggs. There are a lot of things to upgrade on your farm. And getting Golden Eggs proofed to be a problem for certain times.

I have one special tricks to earn Golden Eggs. My tricks used a tricky style. I recommend you to use the Egg Inc Hack that is spread out around the internet. I sometimes used this way to earn a lot of free Golden Eggs because it’s the easiest way and I don’t need to spend any cash at all. So, I share with you this awesome tricks today to help you in your game.


Since this game is free to play so I can it’s really worth a try. It’s guaranteed that you will get addicted to this game because you can stockpile your income to a multi-million dollar.


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