Are you looking for a decent zombie game where you can fight a big horde of zombies? Well, you definitely need to try Call of Mini Zombies. This is a pretty good zombie game where you and some friends can join up in an arena and try to survive the attack from the undead. Use lots of weapons to blast the zombies. But most important thing to have in this game is the Crystal. If you need it, there are some Call of Mini Zombies tips and tricks you need to know about.

I can show you some tips and tricks to get Crystals easily in this game. I’ve been playing this game for several months, and I have the best method to farm Crystal. If you want to know, see the tips below.

Call of Mini Zombies Tips and Tricks To Get Crystals

Call of Mini Zombies Gameplay

1. Level Up

One easy method you can try to farm Crystal in this game is to keep leveling up. Each time you leveled up, you get a reward of some Crystal. At the beginning of the game, you have some amount of Crystals, I advise you to save it for next time because you need it later for raid mission.

2. Connect Your Facebook

It’s always a good try to connect to your Facebook account to get some free Crystals for Call of Mini Zombies. Never forget to do this method because it can reward you with some amount of valuable resources.

3. Buying Packages

Well, it’s probably the obvious way. If you don’t have enough Crystals, you can purchase some pack of it from the in-game store. I only recommend you this method if you have some spare money. If you don’t have enough money, don’t waste it to purchase some pack of Crystals.

4. Use Online Generator

This is my best method if you want to farm free Crystals. You can search for Call of Mini Zombies hack tool on the internet. With such tool, you can get as many Crystal as you want. Why do I say this is the best method, it’s because this is free and you can get lots amount of the precious currency. Throughout my gameplay, this is my favorite method.

So, those are all the Call of Mini Zombies tips and tricks to get Crystal for free. The tips that I really recommend you is the number 4. It’s the best because it’s free and no hassle needed.


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