Do you ever think about a game that is a combination of Alien and Zombie? Well, there’s one funny game for you about that and today I will show you about the Zombie Catchers Gameplay. The game is about an alien and his robot sidekick creating tasty beverages from zombies they caught and they sell it to humans.

When we think about the game for a second, it’s sound nasty, right? I mean, we drink a juice which is coming from zombies? That is a real nasty thing to imagine. You may think that the idea of this game is disgusting enough, but when you play the game, it actually really fun!

The Zombie Catchers Gameplay

Zombie Catchers Gameplay

In this game, you will play as an alien who became a drink seller. In order you can sell your ‘tasty’ drink, you need to catch some zombies from swamp areas. You will catch the zombies by using a harpoon.

The zombies wouldn’t be easy to catch. They will hide in their burrows. To lure them out, you use brains. With the brains, you can lure them out of the burrows and then you can harpoon them. But do it fast because they will run away from you.

After you catch all of them in one area, you are returning to your shop and then start to squeeze all those zombies in a big tank to turn them into a nice juice. More or less, that what you will get if you play the game. It’s pretty fun to do because you can make money from selling the juice to humans.

The Good

It’s free! This game is free to download and play. It’s super fun to play. You can start your beverages business and then grew larger and larger. With nice gameplay, you can have fun in the game.

The Bad

With all the happiness you can have, there’s still a downside of this game. In order that you can hunt down all those zombies and turn them into a juice, you need to look for them with scanner system. You can only hunt them once in a while. If you want to keep hunting, you need Plutonium to run the scanner. And Plutonium is something rare in the game. You need to pay for that of you want some Plutonium. But I have a secret way for you to get it.

Use the Zombie Catchers Hack Tool that many of it offered on the internet. Use that kind of tool will give you the ability to generate free Plutonium to your game account. It’s an easy way, isn’t it?


This game proofed to have the potential to be great. But the currency system dragged it down. Nevertheless, it’s still worth to play since it is free to play right.


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