If you are bored and you need an instant Kickstarter to fire up your mood, playing the game is the best answer for that eerie problem. For that, today I want to share with you, my recommendation of the best endless action games for the mobile device. If you own a smartphone, you definitely need to try all the games that I suggest. To see all the list of those action games, take a look below.

4 Best Endless Action Games on Android and iOS

1. Modern Combat

Modern Combat

The true FPS action game on Android and iOS is the Modern Combat game. It’s the most amazing shooter game available. Deep story and amazing graphics for a mobile device. This game has been released with a couple of sequels. The last installment is the Modern Combat 5, an amazing conclusion of the MC series where you have to take down the real terrorist behind all the world terror. Try this game on Play Store or App Store now.

2. Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger, is widely known as the best zombie games ever made for the mobile platform. Why? Because DT is not only offering an ordinary zombie game, but this one is full of action and undead! As the survivor in the middle of the zombie outbreak, you need to do anything to survive. Lots of weapons you can choose to decimate the undead. My favorite weapon would be the dual uzi because it’s so freaking awesome!

3. Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited

This Spider-Man game is an endless running game but filled with nonstop action. Fly with your web throughout the city of New York and fight crimes along the way. In your journey, you will meet many evil characters from the comic universe. And the graphics of this game is pretty great. It looks like an adaptation of the comic book.

4. Road Riot

Road Riot

Do you want some game that doesn’t require any logical sense? Then you need to play this game. Why? Because in Road Riot, you can play an endless racing game with a rocket to destroy other cars! Isn’t that amazing and nonsense? Who needs logical explanation if you can blast your way with a rocket launcher. To make this game, even more, fun, I recommend you to use Road Riot hack tool.


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