Our Team

We only consist of 4 people whose love a game hack. The reason why we loved it? Of course, your gameplay experience will become much easier than the previous. So, that’s why we decided to create this amazing team. Do you want to find out our great hacker? Just move your eyes below.

Kim John

Hello, friends, I’m Kim a.k.a jarhead, and I love everything about gaming, hacking, and helping people out. This is the best place for you to get info about the game.

Jon Ledger

There is no special about me. I am just a commoner who tries to increase my life level to be the winner here. I love gaming since I was kid, that’s all. Cya.


Hey gamer, you can call me weird or something. Yeah because I already dedicated my life on the gaming world. Yeah, it’s like infected me to the bottom of the sea