Magic Rush is a very popular RPG game since it was released until now. Many players have played this one because it is so exciting. And many new players are still joining in to compete with the others. That’s why I’m here to give you some Magic Rush Heroes Tips that you can apply to improve your game. These tips are really useful for all beginners so you have to check it out.

Magic Rush Heroes Tips

Make a Team with a Good Balance

The first tips for Magic Rush is make a balanced team. In playing this game, a balanced team will be good for you because it consists of some different types of hero. You will need a tank type of hero in front of your team to lead the team and protect the other heroes from being attacked. Then, add an offensive one to bolster your team’s attack. You can also add the hero with a magic and healing type to support the whole team of yours. Remember that each hero type has a weakness and strength so it is better if you can fill the weakness of your heroes.

Focus on Some Heroes

If you want to make a strong team really fast, the key is to focus on the heroes that you are upgrading right now. Don’t ever upgrade the heroes that you just get because it will hold your progress, except if it is really rare. There will be too many heroes that you have to grow if you upgrade all the heroes that you have got. So, just focus on the five of your main heroes so you will get a faster progress.

Find the Runes for Your Heroes

In this game, the upgrade is using the runes. With this thing, we can upgrade our heroes stats and make them gets stronger. But, the rune can only be obtained from the adventure and sometimes you can also find it in the shop. So, if you want to know which rune is needed by your hero, you can visit the equipment section and click the rune that you want to find. Then, you will be shown where to find it.

Don’t Use the Auto Battle

Using the auto battle is not a wise choice because actually, it does not help too much. As we know, there are some heroes that have an area skill. And if you use the auto battle, your hero’s attack won’t reach a lot of enemies. But, if you do it manually, you can aim more enemies than the auto battle. Then, you can also choose which skill that you want to unleash first.

That’s all Magic Rush Heroes tips that the new players can apply. But, I have one secret tip that you should try. It is by using Magic Rush Hack where you can generate so many free Diamonds for your game account. This is really amazing and I suggest you try it right now or you will be sorry. That’s the last Magic Rush tips for today. I hope they will be useful for you and have a nice day!


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