Hearthstone is a worldwide phenomenon card game. It’s the best card game ever created so far. Once you played it, you will constantly play it again and again. It’s something more than addiction. Some YouTubers even play this game as their livelihood on the daily basis. But, for beginners, this game proved to be very confusing. So, today, I will show you all about how to play Hearthstone.

Before I tell you how to play it, I want to say that I have been played this game too for the last couple years. And I can say that I’m addicted to this amazing card game. At first, I’m just like you, a beginner who don’t know a single clue about how this game played. But, I learned and keep learning until today so I can give my knowledge to all beginners in these days. Let’s learn about the game below.

How To Play Hearthstone

Hearthstone Gameplay

1. It’s a Card Game From WoW Characters

We need to know the basic first. This game is a card game, spin-off from the famous game World of Warcraft. All the characters in Hearthstone are based on all important characters in WoW. If you played the game, you will familiar with the face like Jaina Proudmoore, Rexar, Uther The Lightbringer, and etc. They are the Heroes you can choose to represent you in the game.

2. The Cards

Ahh, cards are the most important thing in this game. To make it clear, the Heroes that I have mentioned before is not the cards that you deploy. Cards are the thing that you deploy to attack your enemy. There are many kinds of cards and I will explain it below

All kinds of cards

A. Spell Cards

This type of cards is the one that you can cast on your enemies or yourself. If it’s an attack spell you can cast to your enemy’s hero or to their minions. If it’s a healing spell or any boosting spell, you should cast it on your own hero or minions.

B. Weapons Cards

This type is can be used to attack your enemies. A card like a cannon is very good to attack strong enemies or you attack directly to the hero.

C. Minions Cards

This type is to deploy all kinds of minions you have in your deck. Deploying certain minions can mean a different between victory or lose, so you need to have a strategy of which to deploy.

3. Coin Toss

Before you start playing with a bot or other players a coin will be tossed to choose which players have the first turn. Sometimes if you plan it right, it doesn’t really matter who goes first. In the end, it’s your strategy that matters.

4. The Objective

The main purpose of this game is to kill or be killed. You need to kill other player’s hero in order to win the match. And to kill the hero, you can either attack straight to the hero or you can take out the minions first. But, the best is that you take the minions first then you take out the hero.

5. Mana

Each time you deploy a card, it will cost you some Mana. It can range from 1 one Mana and up to 9 Mana. In the early game, each player gains one Mana in their storage. But each turn it also increases the storage and you will get Mana also. There’s also a card that can give you extra Mana.

6. Gold System

You can get a card by each time you level up your progression. But you only get the normal rarity card. If you want the best cards you need to purchase it with Gold. Getting Gold is quite hard in this game. You can either buy it with real cash or use a Hearthstone Hack Tool to get it for free.

So there, the short guidance of how to play Hearthstone. It might be little confusing for the first time. But trust me, in time you will get familiar with the game. Once you get the grip of the game you can have the real fun.


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