In the world ravaged by zombies, you as the living has only one purpose, to live. And in Earn To Die, you will need to push yourself killing zombies to stay survive. But, in this game, you can kill zombies with fun and ease, by ramming them off with your deadly-modified car. This game is the wet dream of boys who want to play zombie game but also a racing game. This is the Earn To Die game review where I will show you all the detail of this game. I will give you the reasons why this game is a must play. So, let’s check it out below.

Earn To Die Game Review

Earn To Die Gameplay

The Good

It’s All About Survival

The United States of America has been destroyed by an unknown plague that turned people into flesh-eating monsters. You as the player must travel west where it said that there is refuge site or it’s just a horse sh*t. But, the main objective for you is to stay survive and keep driving to your destination. A car will accompany you in your journey and you must modify it with all the deadly knick-knacks to squash all the zombies.

It’s an endless fun if crushing the undead body with your car. The most important is don’t get stopped. If you’re getting stopped you’ll get eaten alive!

It’s Free (Lite Version)

This game has two version, the paid and the lite one. The paid version is about a dollar price on the Play Store. But, there’s the lite version which you can get for free. The thing that makes a difference in both versions is that if you choose the lite version, you’re limited in the game mode.

The Bad

It’s Limited

If you choose free version, you only be able to play the story mode and nothing else. While the paid version allowing you to more game modes. I know it seems unfair for some, but, you got to live with the fact.

Upgrading Is Quite Expensive

Your car is the most important thing in this game. But, nothing is more important as having in upgraded with lots of weapons and armor to kill zombies. You need Cash to upgrade the car and you can get the Cash by keep playing. Unfortunately, the cost to upgrade it could be expensive when you’re Playing for a long time. This problem can be solved if you use Earn To Die hack tool which can give you unlimited free Cash to your game to upgrade your cars.


So, those are everything you need to know about the game. From all the points that I have shown you, I think the game is really worth to play. If you don’t have money, you can download the lite version because it’s free.

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