Have you ever played something like DOTA in only five minutes? Well, you will get that kind of experience if you play Call of Champions game. It’s an MOBA game where you will compete against other players in a short orbs-pushing match. The objective of playing this game is simple, push the orbs from your base to the enemy’s base. Whoever pushed the orbs first to the base, they are the winner.

But if you think that this game is just too easy, you haven’t seen the gameplay yet. While you’re pushing the orbs, the enemies will either pushed the other orbs or attack you in your lane. It’s an intense five minutes gameplay experience you will ever have in mobile gaming.

Call of Champions Game, The Good and The Bad

Call of Champions

The Good

First of all, I want to make it clear that this game is totally free to download and play. What you will get inside is an intense competitive multiplayer match where you will fight other champions to prove who is the best in the game. There are lots of choices of Champions in the characters list. And each of the Champions has their own unique ability to help you in the battle. There are five classes in this game, and those are Mage, Fighter, Tank, Support, and Assassin. They have their own unique ability that if you combine them right, you and your team will be unstoppable.

The Bad

Well, we all know the problem with freemium games, the use of the annoying currency. As I said before that there are lots of Champions in this game but almost all of them are locked behind expensive currency system. To unlock them, you need Platinum and Gold. Those are the currencies system that the game use. Getting the currencies won’t be as easy as you might think. The only easy way is by buying it with some of the real cash through the microtransaction.

But if you looking for the other alternative way to earn Gold and Platinum, there is another way. You can search for a Call of Champions Hack Tool which spread across the internet. Some of that tool are 100% legit and working. You can get Gold and Platinum easily with those tools.


So, to conclude this review, I want to stated that this game is a unique game that is worth a try. If you are fans of DOTA and other MOBA games, this game is really recommended for you. Despite the bad things in this game, it’s still enjoyable for casuals.


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