Do you play Battle Ages? The famous and amazing strategy game where you can build your own empire and strike on to your enemies. This game is really fun, you can destroy another real player base with your score. But this game can more fun if you have lots of Gems. It’s used to make every progress you have finished faster and you can get ahead of your enemies. Do you want to know the Battle Ages tips and tricks to get free Gems? Find out below. All the tips and tricks are coming from my own experience playing this game for about two years. I really love this game and I want to share with you, my secret tricks below.

Battle Ages Tips and Tricks Getting Gems

Battle Ages Gameplay

There are several ways you can try to get yourself some Gems. Whether it’s free or paid, you can try it to your preferences.

1. Watching Ads

With the new updates came, now you can get Gems for free by watching some video advertisements. Watch it, and the game will reward you with a nice amount of Gems. After you watch one video, another one will available after a short period of time, just be patient.

2. Achievement

Clear some milestone on the game and the achievement system will reward you with Gems. If you consecutively achieving the milestone, the rewards will be even bigger than the first one. Just keep doing something new and the rewards will come in the end.

3. Purchasing a Pack

I don’t mind to spend a little money to buy some pack of Gems, it’s just I prefer not to do this because you’re just wasting your money. If you prefer this way then it’s your choice.

4. Use a Tool

My secret tricks to earn Gems in this game would be using a Battle Ages hack tool. It’s the easiest and cheapest way available. You can use such tool to generate as many Gems as you want. I once tried a tool like this and I can’t believe it really works. So since then, I’m really happy and always use this kind of tool.


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